Take A Close Look At These Four Places To Eat In Allen Texas

Take A Close Look At These Four Places To Eat In Allen Texas

This round of restaurants in Allen Texas is going to feature some great places. It’s always interesting seeing what hidden gems you can find in a city you’re not yet familiar with. Even if you know quite a lot about the city of Allen, chances are you don’t know the names of 207 restaurants. That’s right, and here are four more that you might want to consider as get ready to dine out.

This first restaurant is actually a chain, but it deserves a mention. It is the restaurant that you see in the television series Breaking Bad. It is called Raising Cane’s. It’s a chicken place, you know, the one that Gus owns. You will find Raising Cane’s on East Stacy Road, and the chicken is said to be delicious. Don’t forget to ask for some special sauce.

Raising Cane’s is fast food, too, but it’s good food. Firewater Kitchen & Bar isn’t fast food. This restaurant is located in Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm. The ribeye sandwich is one of the menu favorites, and the reviews say that the restaurant is also known for having great specials. The whiskey burger is another one of the favorites that people like to order.

Pei Wei Asian Diner is on West McDermott Drive, and it’s actually a chain restaurant, too. Relax, it’s not like we’re talking about Burger King. This is a great restaurant that serves up Asian food, and it’s known for having delicious appetizers. One of the favorites at this restaurant is honey seared chicken. One more hint is people love the pork egg rolls, too.

Rita’s of Allen Texas is also on West McDermott Drive, and it is all about flavored ice. While it’s not a restaurant, you know some flavored ice sounds great for dessert, especially if it’s summertime. They have chocolate themed flavored ice treats, too. For example, there is S’mores with chocolate chips. This is Italian Ice, and it’s going to be quite the treat.

Since the last place mentioned was all about dessert, I’m going to give you one more restaurant. The name of the place is Laynes Chicken Fingers. The address is 102 Central Expressway South. If you like chicken fingers, it’s definitely a good place to get them. Don’t forget about Raising Cane’s though and the special sauce. And don’t forget about the other picks either as you search for the best place to eat.